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Our products are based on our hands-on experience as farmers and irrigation engineers. We believe in the importance of simplicity and sustainability. 


Create your LoraWAN network to communicate with all your devices in the field at low cost. BlueG is easy to install and provides long-range coverage.

LoraWAN gateway for communication between devices in the field and the cloud platform via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 3G or 4G cellular network (SIM card not included). Reachable and configurable remotely both via VPN and through the local wifi provided by the Gateway itself. Based on the commands sent by the server, it communicates with BlueC to open and close the irrigation valves.


Thanks to BlueN you can easily collect data from sensors in the field and transmit them to your irrigation management platform.

Interface node to manage different signals (I2C, analog, digital, SDI-12) to combine with the various Bluetentacles sensors for data reading and platform management.


Control all your valves and manage your irrigation remotely at best.

Each BlueC actuator can move up to 4 solenoid valves and is able to receive digital and analog inputs. The devices are managed through a cloud platform with differentiated accesses.


Thanks to BlueMeteo you can receive specific data on the weather and environmental conditions of your crops to plan the irrigation based on the real needs of the plants.

BlueMeteo is a highly localized weather station that monitors the main environmental parameters. Data is measured at 5 minute intervals and sent to the server every 15 minutes; all data is then synchronized on the customized platform. Equipped with rain gauge and all sensors for evapotranspiration calculation: air temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation, anemometer.

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We have designed different packages to suit every need and reduce acquisition costs. 

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